VISAKHAPATNAM: To develop proficiency and enhance English-speaking skills amongst the school/college students and employees, ‘Ashvattha- people skills training redefined’ in the Port City has now become the centre for Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) of Trinity College, London.
Be it for study, employment, travel or any other purpose, GESE grade qualification offers a progressive framework for the development of English language skills.

The course aims to enable individuals to have command over the language and to improve the accuracy among children from a tender age. Four trainers, including Shyla Kurma, Kakoli Chatterjee, Sanghita Basuroy and Shashank Dutt conduct classes for the students who are divided into batches from Monday to Friday.
The GESE training and examination is available in 12 grades, depending on the individual’s communication skills.

“Since GESE is a step-by-step process, we, at the Vizag centre, offer training from grade 4 to 10. Every batch has 15 students and they are trained for 1.5 hours. The option to appear for the exam is left to the individual. However, the exam preparation focuses on the development of communication skills,” said Shyla Kurma, Ashvattha director. On the response of students, she said, “As many as 47 students, including women, children and people from corporates, are undergoing training at the centre. For many of them, improvement in speaking skills has enabled them to fare better in the written skills too.” Shyla Kurma also conducts corporate language enhancement workshops. “We have already conducted language enhancement courses in Infotech and Symbiosis,” she added.