VISAKHAPATNAM: At a time when everything is going digital, including listening and reading stories, there are still many who prefer narrating their stories using their writing skills and expressions instead of going the virtual way.

Unfolding a true story while describing the character of the story with action, children were transported into a different world at a workshop being conducted here.

As many as 20 children in the age group 11-14 were seen describing their own story by turns while the other children enjoyed and applauded their efforts. In an effort to hone communication and presentation skills among children, a 20-day creative writing workshop-cum-story telling is being organised in the city for children to make effective use of time during holidays.

Shyla Kurma, director of Ashvattha – People Skills Training Redefined and Kakoli Chatterjee, founder of The Stepping Stone, have taken an initiative to guide and train the budding writers in the creative writing workshop. The training commenced by describing themselves using a few adjectives followed by describing people using idioms and then narrating the setting. After the children learnt a few techniques, they were trained to select a plot for forming their own story which included various genres like adventure, horror, fantasy and science-fiction. Organising this workshop for the first time in the Port City, Shyla Kurma said, “We want the talents of children to be showcased.

If children identify their talent for writing at an early stage, it helps them to have an edge over others in the long run. Since we have got a good response this time, we plan to conduct short-term creative writing courses by charging nominal fees. “All children will get a chance to script their own narratives and present them at the end of the workshop,” she added.

An eighth grade student said, “I have started writing a book on Vikings based on my understanding. This workshop has helped me to use words effectively and has boosted my confidence level for sure.”